Welcome to the Lifeworld

Welcome to The Leafy Paw, a place where we will shovel and burrow into The Big Questions concerning culture, the soul, and the changing earth –and all the shimmering strands that weave between them. Some questions we will get into here are; why is a string of words, arranged like so, so beautiful? Why does it make you feel power in the middle of your chest? And how is that experience of power and deep beauty urgently relevant to humanity’s current cultural struggles to know and care for the world?

What is this newfangled permaculture, ecofeminism, rewilding, reclamation, reinhabitation, bioregionalism? Where do theology and science meet and lay down under a great big shady tree together? Why does nature demand blood? What is evolution seeking?

Can I find myself being naturally Christian, Pagan and humanist at once? How are we to harness and direct our vital energies in this age of unknowns? How do we affirm and normalize new or marginal ways of being while maintaining boundaries in respect of our own limits?

What of the fearfulness and confusion of words –how they get in the way– and how vision goes deeper? Where do dreams go to live? Where can wisdom be found? Why are cats adorable?

All these are to be encountered in upcoming posts. I will also share my own poetry as well as reviews of others’. We’ll poke some neat readings and resources for our allied spider webs.

My name is Amber, and I have been a writer all my life, though I have not always written. Those were the times when I didn’t respond to my calling, for a host of reasons, but here I lift my face to the call and confront the odds. May it be a delight for you, too.

  1. Amber! Your words upon the page (computer screen) caused a stirring–a joyous quickening–in my chest. You think of the same things that consume my brain waves–regarding science and the mystical (the reason why I came up with the word “pragmagical”). I want to read more of your work, Amber. Please sign me up!

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