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“I’ve got the big mossy paw of the universe on my shoulder…” a friend once said.

Inspired by these adapted words (leaves look a bit like the plant kingdom’s numerous green paws –can you see it?), The Leafy Paw is a journal “on the soul of the world”. My name is Amber MV, and I draw on sources from ecology, place-based perspectives, alternative education, religious studies, poetry, culture, anthropology, art –all the beauty and sanctity of the World.

I hold a BA in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University, and am a graduate of Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School. Among much that I do with my days, I currently work with kids at an innovative elementary school in the greater Seattle area. (They’re my best teachers, I’d say.) I created The Leafy Paw to catalog and share my writing, and to provide myself an author’s consistency in good practice and motivation to publish. The Leafy Paw continues to grow into a venue for contemplation and publication on meaningful topics.

Please see the link to “My Work – Contact Me” for more information on my naturalist mentoring services.


All work is copyright Amber MV. Please ask permission to borrow my words or photography.