Two Dreams From 2007

These two dreams, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2007, when I was aged 16 or 17.


The desert is endless in all directions. I drag my feet forward, increasingly hopeless, but a sparkle of bright blue catches my eye. It is a pool of water beneath a sudden spring. I look into the water, and at the bottom is an astounding mosaic, many tiles of colors forming the image of a mermaid. The water is singing. I go in, and I am refreshed.


I am in a ditch of crocodiles, trapped and surrounded. The sides are too steep to escape. They are about to kill me, when my fist transforms into a ball of iron spikes, and I am filled with courage. As the reptiles’ jaws lock around my fist I destroy them each, and find the power to jump out of the ditch.


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Two Dreams from 2006

These two dreams, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2006, when I was aged 15 or 16.


At the end of a long canyon trail is a mysterious phone booth. *0 takes me to the edge of the known universe.


I am dueling with candlesticks. I go up against a man with a sharp metal sword who tries to overtake me, but he is stayed by my candlestick, which glows at the wick and will not break. It is no ordinary rose-colored wax. With this light I fight and defeat him.


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A Dream from 2005

This dream, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2005, when I was aged 14 or 15.


A hoard of angry people shove into a shopping center late at night, pushing their way under sickly false, flickering lights. I know I must bring the good words to help save them.

“I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield
down by the river side!” 

By singing these words I coax the people outside with my song, where the dawn washes over their faces, at last, curing their minds of much sickness.


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Last Peaceful Place

Written age 11, December 15th, 2001

I was walking along the river one day
When the sky turned dark and drifted away.
I saw the pigeons flock about
and swam away did all the trout.

I smelt the grasses, sweet and mild,
And heard the call of all the wild.
The wind so quickly swept over me
As if I were by the sea.

I felt the coolness of the air,
The river running fresh and bare.
Taste the sweetness of the honey,
Saw the rabbits, cute and funny.

The stars were winking strange but great
And I thought to myself, “what is my fate?”
Lost about here in this secret bend,
Will there ever be an end?

The moon looked down upon my face
Giving me comfort in this last peaceful place.
Will all this be here still someday?
Or will it all have gone away…

December 2001, age 11


Image copyright © Amber MV. All rights reserved.

Rainbow World

Written when I was age 9, July 30th 1999


As I rode upon the horizon
I look up and see,
a golden leaf falling
and a redwood tree for me.

Over the green wide rolling hills
in the fresh air so free,
the blue sky as light as paint
and the bright purple flowers
so cute they make me faint.

As I look around and see a rainbow,
yes a rainbow world for me!
Then I think, “yeah,” a rainbow,
what else could it be.


We all have our own hands,
but together we create life’s body,
This universe!

That’s the end!




Images copyright © The Valett Family. All rights reserved.

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