What Wild Is

  Starting out on a wander across a bridge that sways under feet, between gravity and air you meet Northern Flicker. You stop, body posed in mid-step like an animal; you and the bird look into each other’s eyes. He stands on the ground, flees from your burning gaze. You straighten your beautiful back and

On the Porch at Cedar Lodge

Written for the closing week of Anake Outdoor School, 2013.   On Linne Doran land,          the Otter-Pond, beside Cottonwoods           with heart-shaped leaves, water-wood,                        and Cedars somber with their overhanging eaves.    “Look at the light


Cooking alone on a hotplate, sound of a Spanish guitar plucking notes from some other time and place in Mediterranea, over songs of gentle want she boils cures for broken hearts from Dandelion, Laurel and Nettle, one with a sting and once with spice, and another sweet to cure-all. This is Spring and much is

Union of Pomegranates

  I believe in the believers who live in earthly bodies; these are angelic whose genesis is the Tree of Life. A union of pomegranates, gazelles grazing give image to our beating hearts. Whereon a sidewalk the unknown beggar turns to friend and sudden bard we hear a story about Christ in the faces of

The Sign of the World

  They move in unison across the landscape separating their bodies but remaining one mind. Now and again their minds are one. Paint-blue storms from the sea call down the power, flicker-snow flower as the sun parts the big arc of the firmament and you’re surrounded on all sides, baby eyes seeing, skin breathing, doe

Nebula Bed

  Night forest, black trail. Second-growth February. Water-thick gaping mouth wide the dark wood eye-blinds the pitch path, brush before sight. I go to my solo bed in the place of the forest where mankind does not see this animal aching. Let me lie contented with dreams as companion sleeping warmly alone in thick wool,

Baby Lion

Last night I dreamt I was holding a baby lion. She bit my hand hard teething, but it didn’t hurt. Her little teeth felt good, like I was getting a gift of her cat power. There was an almost-grown male lion near us on the dirt road. Another human said I should not go near

Five Ages

The first age was a small red berry the bud of humanity and the red fruit in the garden at dawn. Some great unknown is about to escape into the present tense, so clear that only God can see it all the way about a circumference, chopped half in diameter, rose of the birth and

Seattle Bag End

I dreamt I went to visit Bag End, The Shire, and it was in Seattle. The place had been equipped with an electric tea kettle and a satellite-powered doorbell. Gandalf the Grey opened the door and barked at me for not checking my PO box lately. He told me to stop worrying about healthcare and

Notes from Karl Marlantes at Holy Innocents Church in Duvall, WA, 2012

Don Juan – death is over your shoulder in war & spirituality, be in the present moment. Loss of ego and awareness of death. “Psycho-spiritual”. Kali- Hindu Dark Goddess who eats things (Sam’s tattoo). Buddhism – demons guard the gates of heaven. “Troparian” – a kind of Orthodox song Zenia of Petersburg was a Holy

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