She Finds For Us a Way

A dream. My horse I am riding is trying to jump us over an impossible fence. The barricade is made of something harder than stone, but barely a few feet high. What forcefield barrier is this? On one side of the divide is a freeway, and on the other side, an ancient forest. The trees

The Language of Shaping

I dreamt that I opened a homeless shelter for runaway teenagers and dispossessed young adults in downtown Fresno, California. We transformed an old factory building, with those picturesque old glass block factory windows, into a safe house of refuge and welcome for young people in crisis. When the people were ready to leave, they left

It Has Never Been Discovered or Mapped

The following dream has been excavated from an old dream journal, dreamt sometime in 2008, and 17 or 18.   Wandering over the mountains, a hidden part of the Sierra Nevadas of California that nobody knows about and has never been discovered or mapped. Towards the east there are people robed in white and singing,

Two Dreams From 2007

These two dreams, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2007, when I was aged 16 or 17.   The desert is endless in all directions. I drag my feet forward, increasingly hopeless, but a sparkle of bright blue catches my eye. It is a pool of water beneath a sudden spring.

Two Dreams from 2006

These two dreams, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2006, when I was aged 15 or 16. …. At the end of a long canyon trail is a mysterious phone booth. *0 takes me to the edge of the known universe. …. I am dueling with candlesticks. I go up against

A Dream from 2005

This dream, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2005, when I was aged 14 or 15.   A hoard of angry people shove into a shopping center late at night, pushing their way under sickly false, flickering lights. I know I must bring the good words to help save them. “I’m

Last Peaceful Place

Written age 11, December 15th, 2001 I was walking along the river one day When the sky turned dark and drifted away. I saw the pigeons flock about and swam away did all the trout. I smelt the grasses, sweet and mild, And heard the call of all the wild. The wind so quickly swept

Rainbow World

Written when I was age 9, July 30th 1999   As I rode upon the horizon I look up and see, a golden leaf falling and a redwood tree for me. Over the green wide rolling hills in the fresh air so free, the blue sky as light as paint and the bright purple flowers

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