A Dream from 2005

This dream, excavated from an old dream journal, I dreamt sometime in 2005, when I was aged 14 or 15.   A hoard of angry people shove into a shopping center late at night, pushing their way under sickly false, flickering lights. I know I must bring the good words to help save them. “I’m

Last Peaceful Place

Written age 11, December 15th, 2001 I was walking along the river one day When the sky turned dark and drifted away. I saw the pigeons flock about and swam away did all the trout. I smelt the grasses, sweet and mild, And heard the call of all the wild. The wind so quickly swept

Rainbow World

Written when I was age 9, July 30th 1999   As I rode upon the horizon I look up and see, a golden leaf falling and a redwood tree for me. Over the green wide rolling hills in the fresh air so free, the blue sky as light as paint and the bright purple flowers

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