Life Without Oil -The Normal Life for Humans

This piece is written in response to the video below. “Can you imagine life without oil?” asks the video by GWI “Ground Wealth Incorporated”, an oil company. Well, “Ground Wealth Incorporated”, let me tell you about what the concept of the wealth of the ground below us used to mean to humankind. People have “imagined”

Del Valle

    Looking through old notes I had saved from my time in Anake Outdoor School (September 2012-May 2013), I found a half-finished poem I scribbled at the campfire when our tribe stopped in Del Valle, California, in early February 2013 on our way further south to the Transverse Mountains and the Los Padres forest

Kitten Intervention from Motley Crew Animal Rescue

Here’s a bit of extraordinary cuteness found at Motley Crew Animal Rescue in Redmond, WA back in 2015 thereabouts. These little boys are all grown up now, out there somewhere in somebody’s warm lap! You can hear my “baby-talk” voice, ha! I revisit this little show when I need emergency kitten intervention. Snozz.

Anne’s Diary Ends Here (August 1, 1944)

    It is strange that I edited and completed this poem today, on August 1st, 2017. A while ago when I was inspired to begin writing this poem, I wondered what actual date it was that Anne made her final diary entry. Then I discovered it was exactly this day, August 1st, 1944. …wow.

Night in the Kitchen: Poetry Fragments

    Blessed are you, Lord God of creation, who does not guard us from the work of your hands. It is good that we are supple It is good that we are fragile adaptable and strange among beasts that we may continue to be always remade. For You have forged in white fire the

Tellurian Words; The Harrowing of Hell

A collection words I have known while various word-checkers haven’t: Abrahamic, akathist, alluvius, applaudable, arse, barefootedness, bowdrill, chinchy, deoxyribonucleic, discipled, dreamt, duende, empathetically, entendre, full-hearted, hacktivist, hatchling, honeybush, inrushing, inwardness, Judaica, limbic, liminally, magnetics, Manzanita, miacid, millennia, montane, oxytocin, patrollers, permaculture, personhood, Pleistocene, putzing, prefrontal, primally, primitivist, reactionism, recusant, relatability, ridgetops, rooiboos, rosehips, sempre, sensei,

Laughing in Mountains

    Beloved, Beloved, come out from within things, as you look out from within things, from the eyes of your creatures, from the spark of creation as from the inside of a tree there comes fire. Come down, o love Divine, and complete my half-written words for your glory, my love, for your beauty,

A Child of the West

“And where are the fancy ideas about Western vanity now, the arrogance of persons and the limits of individualism?   Be careful how fast you dispose of the individual self and its pretensions. If the self is no longer inviolable, evil will violate it. And who will there be to judge that this is wrong?

Ruach and Scripturing (Flowers Don’t Get Distracted)

You think you know what you want to say, but get out of the way. Creativity says something bigger than planned, always. It’s hiding to leap, crouching gargoyle crying beautiful night howl, the marvelous night! What love is this! How glimmering the comfort of shadows! Walk into my dark wings! Great black wings to spread


I have dreamt the mountains are so close to my house in the city, the whole long range spanning the Cascades down to the Sierras, huge and magnified, their icy caps leaning over small neighborhoods in primeval protection. American Cordillera. In my dreams, the mountains spell the nearness of God. They are the mother mountains

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