Coyote Loses His Son

An excerpt from the book ‘Deeper Than Gold: Indian Life in the Sierra Foothills’ a story from the Maidu Nation of California In the early days of this world, there was no death. When someone was killed or died, it was always possible to bring them back to life. It was Worldmaker who had said:

White Spine Mountain

Backbone of the world feather and spine rock white mountains bridge arching downward to stars   Place of the great mountain, I turn to your turquoise in a necklace of rivers returning sight to the blind   You come from where lava flows and pink blooms on your banks in the wake of your thunder

Letter from my Great Grandmother to her Beloved Husband, my Great Grandfather

A letter from my great grandmother Helen May Marcel Bellman to my great grandfather Earl Spencer Bellman, 1953 My Darling, Am just beginning to realize that in less than 2 weeks Iʼll be home! This has been a wonderful, wonderful experience, but rather wearing, and it will feel so good to be safe in your

Róisín Dubh in English

Working from a translation by Donal O’Sullivan of this beautiful Irish Gaelic song, Róisín Dubh, that originated sometime in the 16-or-1700’s, I’ve clarified a few words further. It is my understanding that the song is in the public domain by now, being several hundred years old. Therefore, I feel at liberty to arrange it as

A Path of Devotion

Welcome back to The Leafy Paw! Here’s a new post, after a while. I got distracted (and lazy) and started making excuses for not writing. I do that because, for people who feel called to a path of devotion, sometimes it is intimidating to do what we really know we must. It can seem like

The Wind Bellows

Last night I dreamt I was a traveller in a strange land. I was at first with an old friend, Aaron, but we were not ourselves. We were walking through an old industrial part of a city, where there were brick buildings from over a century ago. They had metal ladders trailing upwards beside them.

Mysterious Math

What do you call it when the starting number is 1? The way some people count “age 1” upon birth? Different cultural thoughts about math. Ethnomathematics. How can zero be a number if it doesn’t exist? What is this thing of existence representing what is not in existence at all? By giving a name to

The Holding of Water: Poetry Fragments

    Sloshing through puddles blustery sky overhead– I’m a troubadour … last time you came to visit my house                   it was snowing where snow rarely falls                   on my moss … Let me tell you about the

Every Human Creature: Some Quotes

“A Wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. A solemn consideration, when I enter a great city by night, that every one of those darkly clustered houses encloses its own secret; that every room in every one of them encloses its