A Harbinger in Autumn

  Rufous autumn leaves, cold day, lambent at sunset, grey skies. Love, welcome. Winter fire logs from the tarn. The colors of my youngest cat; golden brush-brown, streaked black is the good earth below me and the colors of my eldest cat above: fluffy white cloud belly, grey-blue, deep silver. Sweet little purr-bears on my

Japanese Cloud Art For the Seasons

Elegant comparisons makes adding a sense of time to your skyscapes a snap. via Japanese Twitter artist shares beautiful trick to draw anime-style clouds specific to the seasons — SoraNews24

On Intelligence

The Webster dictionary definition really hits the nail on the head when it defines “Intelligence” as successfully learning through experience and adaptation. The naturalist in me respects how this brings learning back to it’s animal roots: intelligence stems from an ecosystem which demands keen awareness and sensitivity to one’s environment to survive and thrive. Our

Tracking Notes

Applodontia rufa/em> has poor eyesight and she’s the size of a gluten-free loaf of bread. Our comparing her to our agricultural inventions is more the comedy of our pleasure in observing her strangeness. Applodontia rufa has a foot-track like Castor, but smaller, and away from a water source. The difference between Gopher and Mole: gophers

Forget the Cover Letter. Make a Standards Letter.

To the Managers, Thank you for your interest in hiring me. In lieu of the dime-a-dozen insincere cover letter, I present to you my Standards Letter in my search for employment that is befitting of my time I will never get back, my labor expended with the devotion of my whole mind and heart, and

A Letter on Social Justice to My Friends Who are Queer

This letter written in response to two friends, on the topic of two social-justice-themed workshops they teach. My friends, I enjoyed reading your thoughtful, compassionate letter. It means a lot to me that you took the time to write it. I especially feel moved that you are grateful for my friendship. Likewise. It’s an honor

A Picture of Mohamed by Dr. Jordan B Peterson

written by Dr Jordan B Peterson on 14 Feb, 2017, in response to Canada’s M-103   Is this a picture of Mohamed? Something woke me up at five thirty this morning. Maybe it was my conscience. Maybe it was God. Take your pick. I’ll go for conscience. In any case this week Canada’s government is going

Beautiful Photography from August

August, the climax of the year. Trees are lush and heavy. The fruit is ripe. A carefree laziness fills the hours. For a precious few weeks we forget what day it is. Every day is exquisitely the same. Nothing to do but complain about the heat. But soon enough, that satisfying contentment is shattered by

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