In Memoriam: Seb Barnett 4/21/1981 – 10/8/2016

On October 8th, 2016, Seb Barnett passed away by choosing to end their own life. Seb was an acquaintance and inspiration to me from Wilderness Awareness School. Our paths crossed when I was an Anake with the 2012-13 class and they, an Anake alumni, were the outreach coordinator for the program. I did not know

An Art of its Own Kind: Nature, Embodiment and Human Wellness

  There is an intersection between a relationship with the natural environment and human health. This relationship, or lack of it, critically affects the lives of individuals and society at large. Interconnectedness is the immense single web of life of which all aspects of wellbeing are closely interwoven. There is an ongoing cultural problem of

Thoughts on Femaleness

  We women are active and we women are passive. We want to run and we want to sit down with a book. We want to be involved with the emotional lives of others. We want to do our own thing. We are not ashamed of relationship, find no inferiority in our sensitivity, and where

Get Going

  To that beleaguering whine of ingratitude I hear emanating from mine own ear, an echo in the place between my crown and spine what says, “I cannot go”: to you I say, resign. I bought the ticket, I will go, hauling out my introverted self in tow. Jesus, really, I am thankful to the

A New Sanctity for Marriage

People don’t get married now for the same reasons they did so historically. Marriage used to be about family alliances, sharing resources, surviving in an uncertain world that was, paradoxically, more familiar to its inhabitants than ours is to us (pre-20th century history changed slowly). Now, the world is relatively much safer: enemy clans, the

“Ancestor Exhumed” / “Saint Anthony”

Two dreams. A gathering beside the sea, the vastness of the ocean immense, even we land-dwellers aware of the creatures who lived deep down in it, from time to time coming up to the world of sky and land to breathe the upper air. This sand reaching down to the water iss clean in my

Eight Dimensions in Culture

  There are, typically, seven dimension of wellness according to health researchers on the topic. They are Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual. I’ve added Financial, so we’ll call it eight areas of wellness, here. I did some brainstorming as to what improvements can be made for our mainstream modern culture in each

The Spell-Charm of Everyday Speech

Lately I’ve noticed how automatic and unconscious speaking a language is. We know what sounds right, but we don’t always know why it sounds right. We rarely stop to think through every word we say in a sentence unless we’re learning a new language, or when we trip over words that don’t sound right. Intriguing.

The Lonely Places of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be a lonely place. It’s hard to find friends there. You may find friends in other places which you thought you established yourself, then one day they do something stupid or hurtful and and it’s hard to ignore it. You try to talk about it with them or walk away, even if

Tell the Truth

How does this pen feel in my hand? Can I pay attention to the physical, aesthetic aspects of writing? Can I face the power and excitement of my own mind when I later transcribe what I have written? I am surprised by the beauty of physical movement, hand on page, on keyboard, come to read