Laughing in Mountains

    Beloved, Beloved, come out from within things, as you look out from within things, from the eyes of your creatures, from the spark of creation as from the inside of a tree there comes fire. Come down, o love Divine, and complete my half-written words for your glory, my love, for your beauty,

A Child of the West

“And where are the fancy ideas about Western vanity now, the arrogance of persons and the limits of individualism?   Be careful how fast you dispose of the individual self and its pretensions. If the self is no longer inviolable, evil will violate it. And who will there be to judge that this is wrong?

Ruach and Scripturing (Flowers Don’t Get Distracted)

You think you know what you want to say, but get out of the way. Creativity says something bigger than planned, always. It’s hiding to leap, crouching gargoyle crying beautiful night howl, the marvelous night! What love is this! How glimmering the comfort of shadows! Walk into my dark wings! Great black wings to spread


I have dreamt the mountains are so close to my house in the city, the whole long range spanning the Cascades down to the Sierras, huge and magnified, their icy caps leaning over small neighborhoods in primeval protection. American Cordillera. In my dreams, the mountains spell the nearness of God. They are the mother mountains

The Swallows

  When I was a child I told my spiritual father that I had moments of insight, fashes of understanding, like the wings of swallows swooping into a city with a message to tell that humankind must remember. It was beyond explaining to grown-ups, though I knew I had to help save them. My spiritual

A Healthy Restlessness

The following is adapted from a letter I was inspired to write to my director at the school I work at. It has helped me clarify my own thoughts on consciously developing joy in my work, while thinking more seriously about striving to be in a position where I am able to use my talents

Forest Tarot

Knight of bows Knight of arrows 9 of arrows 9 of foxes A fox with 9 tails A tale of 9 foxes Ten of bows Page of arrows The Green man. The Wren.       image source: Creative commons CC0

Books are Elders

“Books are Elders…” that’s something we say at my Wilderness Awareness School community. It means that in the ancestors’ times people would go to elders for answers about the names of creatures and plants living among them, knowledge of the movements of stars and the rivers and winds, the world past and a compass for

“Work is love made visible.”

I am changing my mind about work. It’s not been easy, but it’s up to me! I am among the blessed to have a good job. My only problem is my occasional fatigue, anxiety, and self-doubt left over from years of depression and some disadvantaged early experiences of frankly near-abusive work in my formative years

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