The Lonely Places of Critical Thinking

The Lonely Places of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be a lonely place. It’s hard to find friends there. You may find friends in other places which you thought you established yourself, then one day they do something stupid or hurtful and and it’s hard to ignore it. You try to talk about it with them or walk away, even if it seems minor, but it’s significant. In a moment, a friendship is gone, so flimsily. It gives me a heartache. I am worried about the fragility of relationships in our time. You can lose somebody you love without being able to openly grieve it because they’re still alive in body, walking around somewhere, but changed beyond recognition to you, and people don’t have words for talking about this kind of grief. You want to have something to point to, explaining the loss, saying, “Let me tell you, It is like this”. But the culture doesn’t understand. Or it is trivialized or sensationalized. Now you have ghosts to contend with.

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Amber MV holds a BA in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University and is a graduate of Anake Outdoor School at Wilderness Awareness School.

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